ASSP version 2.5.1 build 16177 is released on sourceforge.

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ASSP version 2.5.1 build 16177 is released on sourceforge.

Thomas Eckardt/eck
Hi all,

ASSP version 2.5.1 build 16177 is released on sourceforge.
This build contains several changes, fixes and new features (see below).
For the full description of the changes, fixes and new features, please
read the changelog.

- returned report notifications contained some times a wrong MIME encoded

- Global PenaltyBox library- and Plugin updates were not working for all

- if VRFY was used to verify local mail addresses and the queried MTA
replied with a 4XX code (because it was
  unable to process the request), the address was detected as invalid in
every case, even 'LDAPfail' was not set
NOTICE: extensive tests have shown that AMAVIS is incompatbile with ASSP
and several other mail servers
        IF you use postfix together with ASSP V2, disable or uninstall the
AMAVIS plugin from postfix.
        If enabled, AMAVIS may destroy attachments.

- domain validation failed, if the host name of an envelope sender address
was valid but
  the domain nearest to the TLD was invalid, like in ''
where '' is invalid

- The correction of wrong line endings like [CR][CR][CR] was not working
correctly and caused some times a
  a SMTP syntax error 50X at the end of a SMTP session. It is possible,
that the same issue caused destroyed
  attachments and SMTP timeouts.

- long running task in the maintenance thread were not ending if assp was
in shutdown mode

- 'debugCode' is now stored encrypted in the configuration

- some header lines were missing in virus admin reports

- failed write operations on SMTP sockets caused a high CPU load on some

- if a postfix (amavis) was used as MTA, mails were received in some cases
with destroyed attachments


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privileged and protected in law and are intended solely for the use of the

individual to whom it is addressed.
This email was multiple times scanned for viruses. There should be no
known virus in this email!

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