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Logging enhancement. Minor request

K Post
In doing a bit of testing for another issue, I noticed that these lines
could use more information IMO.

Sep-22-16 08:17:10 Finished message - received DATA size: 142.81 kByte -
sent DATA size: 143.44 kByte
Sep-22-16 08:17:10 Disconnected: session:11C314CC -
processing time 2 seconds

For the first line, it would be terrific to have the message ID like we see
in most of the other lines for a message.  That would help us identify
which message this is talking about and also show when we search by message

For the second line, would it be possible to list all of the message ID's
that were sent during that session?  That's less important, but would be

And last, any chance that you could add 25 for the number of results to
show?  We have 1, 10, and 100 now, but 25 would be helpful when you want a
single message and you have lots of logging features on.  Would just speed
up the search a bit.



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