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Server Admin
We use ASSP 1.9. Legitimate emails are being stopped with the error "MalformedAddress...failed localpart check" but I can see no reason for it - the addresses seem to adhere to industry standards. For example:

[hidden email]
[hidden email]

Please can someone tell me:

1. Why are the above addresses being blocked?

2. What setting is responsible for the "MalformedAddress localpart" check?

3. What is the regex used, and can I change the regex for this check so it's more relaxed?

4. What setting can I use to whitelist the sender so the "MalformedAddress...failed localpart check" doesn't stop the email? I have tried "noProcessingFrom" and "noProcessing" and neither works (the emails are still stopped).

I need to resolve this asap because my users are not receiving important bills due to this problem. Thanks in advance for any help.

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