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Master-master mysql?

Pontus Hellgren-2

Hi there!


I have been thinking of setting up a Master-Master setup with Mysql  for the assp database for two or possibly four assp servers.

Assp servers working in pair of two, not serving  the same domains.


Have anyone tried this and/or are there any problems with that? (Running master-master and/or serving two setups with the same database to share info)

Just looking at it, it seems like it would work, but then, I have no clue to the working process of ASSP sharing a mysqldb.

Will assp just write and read or do they need to sync in some way, I do not know, therefore I assume the easy way, just read/write when they need to



What parts of the database would work to “share” and what part would not? (if any, between two setups)


My goal is to share as much info as possible in one place (easy administration of white/black/red lists and so on), keep track of greylisting and so on.


I bet Thomas will/might stop me, before me even trying, by dropping a simple but yet sufficient sentence if not possible.




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