Minor Change Request: REASON in ASSP_AFCReplBadAttachText

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Minor Change Request: REASON in ASSP_AFCReplBadAttachText

K Post
I love that we can put the variable REASON in ASSP_AFCReplBadAttachText and ASSP will put the reason that at attachment was stripped.  This dramatically reduces support calls (aka people calling me directly non-stop).

REASON is replaced with something like:
cause: 'encrypted compressed file 'file.zip''

Would you be willing to remove the
and the surrounding single quotes?

Admins could put cause: ' ' around the REASON if they want that, but my proposed minor code change would stop it from being required.

Also, the default for REASON is:
The attached file (FILENAME) was removed from this email by ASSP for policy reasons! The file was detected as $REASON .

I don't think there's supposed to be the $ before REASON


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