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Parameter unrecognized?

Andreas Pettersson
Hi all!

I've been using ASSP for a couple of days, and I just upgraded to version
1.1.2b, and even if I'm just at the bayesean training stage, I must say
that I find ASSP quite impressive.
There's something in the maillog file that's been following both in the
beta and the 1.1.1 version though..  looking at the log after having
forwarded spam and ham mail via the e-mail interface, I can see:

Jan-28-06 16:06:53 <[hidden email]> email hamreport
Jan-28-06 16:06:54 RMabort: rcpt Expected 250, got: 555 5.5.4  parameter unrecognized.

Is this RMabort event something I should worry about, or just disregard?  I
believe the 555 is a "User not recognized" message, however, ASSP seem to
intercept the message correctly since it lands in errors/spam and
errors/notspam respectively.

/ Andreas

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