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Perl on CentOS7

Paul Cockings

I run ASSP on CentOS7.   It has Perl v5.16.3.
ASSP appears to like a few gigs of "memory".

ASSP docs say "best run is on Perl 5.20.x to 5.24.x for all platforms"
I believe I've read something that newer Perl version could decrease
"memory usage"
Therefore I'm interested in trying a newer Perl version.

Does anyone have advice for how to update Perl on CentOS7 from 5.16.3 to
5.24.x ?  (I see 5.26.x is released but not clear if ASSP is ready for

My own search suggests either I have to build from source or look at
ActivePerl, but I have little experience of Perl and always just used
the "built-in" distro approved version.  I was hoping to have a 3rd
party repo that I could use and then install with YUM.    (I have some
experience of building from source so its possible, but not sure if a
good idea)

Many thanks for your help


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