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ProcessOnly feature / patch

Eric B.-2
The concept for this feature / patch is to be able to install ASSP in a
production environment, but only enable it for certain users/domains while
it is being trained/tweaked so that it doesn't affect everyone's email.  
That way it gives the option of creating a group of beta-testers/users that
can still run on the live system (my MTA doesn't have the ability to
redirect connections destined for specific users to other machines/ports).  
I have coded the option much neater and more simple than my original
attempt.  This patch is against build 47.  Please take a look at it and let
me know what you think.

It is a very general setting.  It piggy-backs on all the no-processing code.
  But it doesn't exclude the noproc settings - any noproc setting takes
precendence over the list.  If a user is listed on both the ProcessOnly and
the NoProcessing lists, the NoProcessing takes precedence.   It might still
be too general, or might be something useful that others may want.  I
included the options in the NoProcessing section, b/c I didn't know where
else to put them, but I figured someone else might be in a better position
to determine where they might go.

I also have a quick question...  On line 3165, there is the following code:
    if ($noProcessing) {
      if("$u$h"=~$NPREL) { $this->{noprocessing}|=1 } else {
$this->{noprocessing}|=2 }

Nowhere else in the code is the noprocessing flag set as a bit field (or
used to compare against a bit field), so I can't figure out why this is here
like this.  In fact, everwhere else in the code looks for;
if( $this->{noprocessing} == 1 ).  Never does it check if the first bit is
set.  Is this just some remnants of old code?  I would have expected this
line to be:
    if ($noProcessing) {
      if("$u$h"=~$NPREL) { $this->{noprocessing}=1 }

Please let me know if this feature is worthwhile.  I plan to use it while
ramping up my own production site to make sure that things are running
smoothly without adversely affecting non-beta users' emails.


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