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Replies to email whitelist additions fail

Ole Dahlmann

I have noticed that I get the following error whenever one of my users try  
to whitelist an address using the email interface:

id-04154654 xx.xx.xx.xx <[hidden email]> email hamreport
Jan-15-08 17:44:25 Email whitelist addition: [hidden email]
Jan-15-08 17:44:25 RMabort: data Expected 250, got: 550 Delivery is not  
allowed to this address.
(from:<[hidden email]> to:[hidden email])

The address "[hidden email]" has been added to LocalAddresses_Flat list.
I have two kinds of users. Real local users who use my system to both  
store and retrieve their mail and users who only use my system as a  
forwarding, spamfiltering service, and it's only the second group who  
gives the errormessage.
How do I configure it to allow the sending of whitelist receipts to  
"external" addresses? (external meaning an account not on my system but an  
address in my LocalAddresses_Flat list)

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