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Spamlover not working

Martin Voßloh-2


I have some SPAM-Lover User since a long time but now (after the 12.1.17 ASSP version 2.5.6(17013)) the SPAM Lovers have problems with incoming Mails.

Jan-18-17 14:37:44 m1-46663-00404 [Worker_1] [TLS-in] [TLS-out] [MessageOK] <[hidden email]> to: [hidden email] message ok - (whitelistdb) - [Fwd Mail ID bmectnzqhigkhtsobxccibukrtrqewyf] -> discarded/Fwd_Mail_ID_bmectnzqhigkhtsobxc--16871818.eml


This mail never received our [hidden email].

What´s to do?

Anything I must change in my config?




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