TR: New default location of databases : cannot edit/view pb files

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TR: New default location of databases : cannot edit/view pb files

Raynaud Alexandre
>>Received: from ([]
>>                by ASSP.nospam with SMTP (2.4.7); 25 Feb 2016 15:03:47


>>Received: from
>>                ([] by
>>                ASSP.nospam with SMTP (2.4.7); 25 Feb 2016 15:04:14 +0100

>the 'by' is at the new line in variant 1 - possibly this is the reason -
I'll check this.


 Well seen Thomas, I had not even noticed this subtle difference :)
And this is the one that could explain the behavior i reported

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Raynaud Alexandre
Envoyé : jeudi 18 février 2016 19:08
À : '[hidden email]'
Objet : New default location of databases : cannot edit/view pb files

Hi assp-user(s) list,
I have just upgrade assp from ASSP version 2.4.7(16004) to ASSP version
I have followed the how-to included in changelog.txt to move database files
and everything looks ok : database files are now located in
But i think there is eventually a bug in the interface because since this, i
cannot edit/show RWL Cache Refresh Interval (RWLCacheInterval) : it leads to
the old location and seems to be hardcoded because i don't find any place in
assp configuration to modify it except the general location of pb databases
(PenaltyBox Database (pbdb) : database/pb/pbdb) that is correctly
However in maillog.txt i can see that assp find the right path for the
fév-18-16 18:20:14 [init] Info: start loading RWLCache from
/opt/assp/database/pb/pbdb.rwl.db with approx. 1098
fév-18-16 18:20:14 [init] Info: RWLCache loaded from
/opt/assp/database/pb/pbdb.rwl.db with 469 records

Other databases i cannot view edit (file not found because pointing to old
location) :
pbdb.ptr.db -> when using "show ptr cache" : file not found but in maillog
it's correctly loaded (same as first example with pbdb.rwl.db)
pbdb.mxa.db -> when using "show mx cache"
pbdb.dkim.db -> "show dkim cache" -> "show country cache" -> "show blackbox"
pbdb.white.db --> "show white box"
pbdb.trap.db --> show invalid address
pbdb.spf.db --> show spf cache
pbdb.rbl.db --> show dnsbl cache
pbdb.uribl.db --> show uribl cache
pbdb.back.db --> show backscatter-dns cache
Contents of DB-LDAPNotFound : empty

As i said, i have verified the init sequence in maillog.txt and all this
databases are correctly loaded, the only problem is that from the interface
i cannot view/edit theses databases. Maybe i missed something when migrating
databases location but it doesn't to be the case (no error and many path in
web interface relate this change).

Thank for any tips.


Alexandre RAYNAUD

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