fixes in assp 2.5.4 build 16282

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fixes in assp 2.5.4 build 16282

Thomas Eckardt/eck
Hi all,

fixed in assp 2.5.4 build 16282:

- on some systems assp was unable to retrieve the system TCPsend and
TCPreceive buffer size


- 'exportDBDir' and 'ExportMysqlDB' are now stored encrypted and only
visible to 'root'

- 'ExportMysqlDB': the export function is changed

'ExportMysqlDB','export all tables from the database and plain hash files'
 All tables of the database and all plain hash files will be exported to
the "exportDBDir" directory.
 Please define the directory above, before using the export function!
 In addition the running configuration and all encrypted option files in
use will be exported.
 If you plan to upgrade the OS or perl, or you plan to move to a new
system or a different OS -
 it is recommended to do an export first!
 NOTICE: both encrypted tables/hashes, AdminUsersRight and AdminUsers,
will be exported unencrypted
 (eg. in plain text), the same applies to the exported configuration file
and the exported option files!

- The 'EnableHighPerformance' GUI text is changed to:

If set, the SMTP-Worker-Threads will get new pending connections faster -
using less wait states. The speed to interrupt the workers by the
MainThread is increased. Using this feature will increase the CPU usage of

the system! An too high setting, may lead in to stuck workers, or in worth

case, in to a much lower perfomance.
If there is any doubt about this setting, leave this feature off!

- the database import function now allows to import unencrypted exports of
AdminUsersRight and AdminUsers

- using local language filenames for option files is now also possible on

- the file 'assp/lib/' was updated


the hidden config variable is added - default is 1
our $removePersBlackOnAutoWhite = 1;
# (0/1) remove the PersBlack entry for autowhite addresses in outgoing


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