fixes in assp 2.5.4 build 16301

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fixes in assp 2.5.4 build 16301

Thomas Eckardt/eck
Hi all,

fixed in assp 2.5.4 build 16301:

- if the connection to a peer used SSL/TLS and
 - a mail was larger than the maximum SSL-send-buffer-size
 - and 8BITMIME was enabled and used with any charset
 - or the mail was malformed encoded in any part
 - or a regex match contained UTF8 multibyte characters and the result was added to the X-ASSP headers
 - and also some other rare cases
the IO-byte-count provided by IO::Socket::SSL and the IO-buffer-content recalculation done by assp was inconstent.
This may have caused malformed 8BITMIME mails and destroyed attachments.

- after an upgrade of ASSP to the latest version without upgrading the perl modlues to the recommended version
  for example Net::DNS::Question::name is missing and causes an exception
  ASSP is changed to use Net::DNS::Question::qname, which is also available in older versions of this module!
  HOW EVER, it is strongly recommended to keep ALL used perl modules at least at the recommended version level


'ExportMysqlDB','export all tables from the database and plain hash files'
 If possible, assp will compress the config files, option files and the AdminUsersRight and AdminUsers to
 the file '' in the  "exportDBDir" directory
 If possible, assp will encrypt the to using openssl or Crypt::CBC.
 To decrypt this file, use the OS commandline:
 openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -in -out -pass pass:PASSWORD
 NOTICE: The password / key, used for the export encryption function, may change at the next assp start
 or if the assp.cfg gets an external update! Record the password after each export!


This email and any files transmitted with it may be confidential, legally privileged and protected in law and are intended solely for the use of the
individual to whom it is addressed.
This email was multiple times scanned for viruses. There should be no known virus in this email!

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