fixes in assp 2.5.4 build 16341

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fixes in assp 2.5.4 build 16341

Thomas Eckardt/eck
Hi all,

fixed in assp 2.5.4 build 16341:

- this build and ASSP_AFC version 4.43 fixes a problem, were the last MIME part of a multi multipart
  MIME mail was not detected - most times this was an attachment

- an IPv6 peer was ignored by the configuration sync feature

- the MXA check failed, if the MX had only an IPv6 address/host defined

- Blockreport request forwarding was not working, if the target host was an IPv6 only host

- if SSL: was defined for a Blockreport forwrding target and the port was not defined
  assp may has been used the wrong target port 25 instead of 465

- syslog now supports the usage TCP instead of UDP, if this is needed

- syslog now supports IPv6 target hosts


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