fixes in assp 2.5.6 build 17212

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fixes in assp 2.5.6 build 17212

Thomas Eckardt/eck
Hi all,

fixed in assp 2.5.6 build 17212:

- angles were missing in the MSGID in blockreports

- assp has done an unexpected restart after the perl auto-perl-module-upgrade, if the rebuild spamdb process was started while the perl auto-perl-module-upgrade was running

- ASSP_AFC 4.56 is released
  - better fallback handling if an extraction methode fails
  - a new hidden configuration option 'skipLockyCheck' was added (default value is 0)
    if this parameter is set - the detection of zeroday ransomeware JS viruses will be disabled
# *************************************************************************************************
# skipLockyCheck may be overwritten in lib/ like:  $ASSP_AFC::skipLockyCheck = 1;
# setting this value to any other than zero or undef is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED !!!!
# *************************************************************************************************


- enhanced SNI support - examples are show in the GUI at 'SSLWEBConfigure' - it is now possible to configure SNI for each listener definition differently

- the code of is now compliant to perlcritic severety 4

- improved SPF error output


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