upgrade to 2.5.5 build 16366 may require a browser cache cleanup

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upgrade to 2.5.5 build 16366 may require a browser cache cleanup

Thomas Eckardt/eck
Hi all,

if you've done an upgrade to assp 2.5.5 build 16366 and the GUI is messed up - clean the browser cache.
Read below, if this does not solve the problem.

If assp detects an upgrade to this version, it tries to download and to install the new images and CSS resources from sourceforge (at startup). If this download/install fails fo any reason, you need to download and to install this resources manually.
(On the images autoupdate, a zipped backup of the images folder is stored in the download folder)

to manually upgrade the images and CSS resources:

1. make a backup of the images folder
2. download images.zip from https://sourceforge.net/projects/assp/files/ASSP%20V2%20multithreading/images/
3. extract the zip in to the assp folder - if ask, overwrite all files
4. restart assp
5. start the browser and clean the browser cache
6. navigate to your GUI URL and login


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